Tri-Cities Job Center: March 4, 2013

Welcome back to Job Center, Patch’s listing of local job advertisements in the Tri-Cities area.

We have pored over local websites and online job boards to bring you a selection of job listingds from Batavia, Geneva and St. Charles. If we missed anything, please feel free to add the details below in our comments section for this post. Most listings were found via the direct websites of the local agencies, but we found more on, an aggregator of job postings from all over the nation.

Local Government

The city of St. Charles has three available openings on its website:

St. Charles Community Unit School District 303 on Monday, March 4, 2013, has 34 positions listed. The portal to its job listings is at


  • Assistant principals, St. Charles East High School, opens 7/1/2013.
  • Assistant principals, St. Charles North High School, opens 7/1/2013.
  • Assistant principals, St. Charles North High School, opens 7/1/2013.
  • Assistant Superintendent for Business Services, Administration, opens 7/1/2013.
  • Early Childhood Administrator, Student Services, opens 7/1/2013.


  • Head coach, girls cross country, East High School, 2013 season.
  • Assistant track coach, North High School, immediate.


  • Administrative Assistant for Executive Director of Human Resources, immediate.
  • Administrative Assistant (10-Month Secretary), Davis Primary, 8/5/2013.
  • Attendance Secretary (10-month), East High School, opens 7/1/2013.
  • Dean’s Assistant Secretary (12-month), East High School, opens 7/1/2013.

Support staff:

  • Special education teaching assistant (5.75 hours daily), Corron Elementary School, immediate.
  • Special education teaching assistant (4 hours daily), East High School, immediate.
  • Native language tutor, Corron Elementary School, open 3/15/2013.
  • Special education teaching assistant (3 hours daily), Davis Primary, immediate.
  • LRC Assistant, Anderson Elementary, 8/20/2013.
  • Before School Supervisor (7:30 am-8:30 am), Davis Elementary, immediate.
  • AVID tutor (3 hours a day, 3 days a week), East High School, immediate.
  • AVID tutor (one position at 7 hours a week or two positions at 3½ hours a week), Wredling Middle School, immediate.
  • AVID tutor, 3½ hours a week, Thompson Middle School, immediate.
  • 1:1 Special Education Teacher Assistant, 8/21/2013.

Elementary School Teaching

  • Cross-categorical resource teacher (50 percent), Ferson Creek Elementary School, 8/20/2013.
  • Grade 2 Teacher (Long-Term Substitute), Corron Elementary, opens 4/15/2013.
  • French FLES Teacher 40% (Long-Term Substitute), Richmond Intermediate, immediate.
  • Grade 3 Bilingual Teacher, Anderson Elementary, 8/19/2013.
  • Early childhood special education teacher, long-term substitute, Fox Ridge Elementary School, opens 4/5/2013.

Middle School Teaching

  • Cross-categorical resource teacher, long-term substitute, Wredling Middle School, immediate.
  • Family and consumer science teacher, long-term substitute, Haines Middle School, immediate.
  • School counselor, long-term substitute, Haines Middle School, immediate.

High School Teaching

  • German teacher, (60 percent), long-term substitute (12 weeks), East High School, immediate.
  • French teacher, long-term substitute, East High School, opens 4/1/2013.
  • Spanish Teacher (Long-Term Substitute), North High School, 4/1/2013.

Student support services:

  • School Social Worker (Long Term Substitute), East High, opens 3/11/2013.
  • Speech pathologist, long-term substitute,Richmond Intermediate School, opens 4/1/2013.

The St. Charles Park District lists eight job openings on its employment opportunities page:

  • Ecological restoration technician.
  • Piloxing group fitness instructor.
  • Dance instructor.
  • Group fitness instructor.
  • Baker station instructor.
  • Teen Center leader.
  • Living history farmer.
  • Park Safety Community Relations (part-time).

The Park District also lists 16 types of seasonal positions for spring and summer, which include:

  • Lifeguard.
  • Pool manager.
  • Slide attendants.
  • Swim instructors.
  • Recreation program instructors.
  • Ecological restoration assistant.
  • Umpires (adult leagues).
  • Park maintenance assistants.
  • Lawn and athletic field assistants.
  • Park Guides.
  • Park Safety.
  • Swim coaches.
  • Swim lesson coordinator.
  • Pool maintenance.
  • Locker room attendant.
  • Pool front desk.

The park district also lists seven types of fall and winter positions:

  • Recreation program instructors.
  • Scorekeepers.
  • Umpires.
  • Park laborers.
  • Horticulture assistants.
  • Lawn care assistants.
  • Baker station attendants.

The St. Charles Public Library had two openings listed:

Private Sector

In the private sector, lists the following opportunities in the immediate area:

St. Charles:



Are you an employer with a position to fill? Post it in our comments section below, or email the details to by 5 p.m. Sunday. The Job Center usually is posted Monday mornings.

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